Kick Axe


Band Name: Kick Axe

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Formation Year: 1976

Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Current Members:

Daniel Sean (Vocals) - The charismatic frontman with a powerhouse voice, Daniel Sean leads Kick Axe with his dynamic vocal range and captivating stage presence.

Larry Gillstrom (Guitar) - Larry's shredding guitar solos and memorable riffs are a defining element of Kick Axe's sound, earning him a place among Canada's top rock guitarists.

Ray Harvey (Guitar) - Ray provides the band with a solid foundation of amazing guitar work and is the chief contributor to the band's harmonious melodies.

Victor Langen (Bass) - Victor lays down the thundering basslines that anchor Kick Axe's hard-hitting tunes, adding depth and power to their sound.

Brian Gillstrom (Drums) - Brian's high-energy drumming skills provides the band with a driving beat that fuels their energetic live performances.

Past Members:

George Criston (Vocals) 

Gary Langen (Drums, Vocals)

Charles McNary (Vocals)

Dave Zurowski (Guitar)

Wally Demerick (Keyboards, Vocals)


Kick Axe emerged from the heart of Canada in the late 1970s, carving out a niche for themselves in the hard rock and heavy metal scene. Hailing from the prairie city of Regina, Saskatchewan, this quintet defied the odds and became one of the most prominent Canadian rock acts of their era.

The band's journey began in 1976, and they quickly gained a reputation for their electrifying live performances and powerful music. Kick Axe's distinctive sound was characterized by George Criston's soaring vocals, Larry Gillstrom's blistering guitar work, and a rhythm section that hit with the force of a sledgehammer.

In 1984, Kick Axe signed a record deal with Pasha Records and released their debut album, "Vices." The album was a revelation, featuring anthemic tracks like "On the Road to Rock" and "Heavy Metal Shuffle" that showcased the band's knack for catchy hooks and heavy guitar riffs. "Vices" went Gold and received critical acclaim . It established Kick Axe as a force to be reckoned with in the hard rock and metal scene.

The band continued to build on their success with subsequent albums like "Welcome to the Club" (1985) and "Rock the World" (1986), solidifying their status as Canadian rock icons. 

Kick Axe also wrote and performed songs on two movie soundtracks.   They covered the Humble Pie song "Thirty Days in the Hole" for the Up The Creek soundtrack, which also included songs from Cheap Trick, Heart and the Beach Boys. Kick Axe also had two songs on the original Transformers Movie sound track.  In 1986, the filmmakers behind the animated cult classic, were looking to create an iconic soundtrack to accompany their epic intergalactic battle between Autobots and Decepticons. Kick Axe, already established as a force in the hard rock world, stepped into the spotlight as Spectre General to craft this memorable soundtrack.

The soundtrack, featuring the Kick Axe songs "Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way" and "Hunger" delivered anthemic hard rock and heavy metal vibes that perfectly complemented the high-octane action of the film. These tracks became instant classics, beloved by fans of both the Transformers franchise and heavy rock music.

Kick Axe's contribution to "The Transformers: The Movie" not only solidified their place in the annals of rock history but also introduced their music to a global audience. Their songs became anthems of rebellion and determination, echoing the spirit of the heroic Autobots they supported on-screen.

The soundtrack to "The Transformers: The Movie" remains a cherished part of rock history, and the songs of Kick Axe(Spectre General) continue to resonate with fans of hard-hitting music and fans of the Transformers alike. The band's unique story stands as a testament to the enduring power of rock and roll to cross boundaries, transcend fiction, and inspire generations.

During the 80's Kick Axe embarked on extensive tours, sharing the stage with legendary acts such as Judas Priest, Scorpions, Rush, Quiet Riot, Triumph, Metallica and Whitesnake, further cementing their reputation as an electrifying live act.

Despite lineup changes and the shifting musical landscape, Kick Axe's enduring legacy as pioneers of Canadian rock and metal endures. Their music continues to resonate with fans worldwide, and they remain an essential part of the country's rich musical heritage.

With a discography filled with timeless classics and a live show that could ignite any crowd, Kick Axe's contribution to Canadian rock history remains indelible, ensuring that their legacy will rock on for generations to come.